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Repair Methods

Recommended Steps for Soil Subsidence DIY Repairs: Est $150-$600

  1. Dig out the hole behind the bulkhead.
  2. Fill the gap with a piece of cement board.
  3. Place landscape cloth to prevent concrete leakage.
  4. Pour concrete into the hole and cover with sod or dirt.

DIY Repair Techniques: Innovative approaches like wire-brushing concrete, fabricating plywood covers for holes, and
using spongy backing rods for sealing.

Professional Services: Contractors offer various services such as chipping out deteriorated parts, forming, and pouring




DIY approach includes covering diamond-shaped holes in bulkhead section joints with stacked
2x4s on the inside, backed up with concrete

 Est $6,000 for 25ft of bulkhead

Contractor-provided solution involving injecting foam behind the bulkhead to seal leaks

Effective for stopping water intrusion but may not address structural issues.


Involves chipping out the entire cap, installing forms, and pouring new concrete.


Significant investment, with an approximate cost of $60,000 for a single detached home

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