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Rumsey Island Residents Association FAQ

Your $40 commitment to our community helps: 

  • Pay for rotational flowers/gardening at entrance signage (flowers, plants, mulch, gardening tools)
  • Obtain gardening supplies to maintain Shore Drive onto island (gloves, chipper, bags, safety vests, etc) 
  • Support a batbox initiative (pay for supplies)
  • Support neighborhood park cleanups (water for volunteers, bags, marketing of event, etc) 
  • Periodic bridge painting and graffiti removal
  • Support the community composting project
  • Support riverkeeper and water quality testing/research
  • Periodic Newsletter – design, layout, printing, distribution
  • Website fees (redesign, maintenance, URL)
  • Holiday Lights Contest
  • Social events throughout the year


We are open to considering additional initiatives to support our Island. Reach out and let’s talk! 

4 times a year.  Elections for officers at April’s meeting, and board members at October’s meeting. 

If you are unable to attend a voting meeting in person, you can vote by proxy. Email


#1. Breathe. Remember you live on an Island, how awesome is that!!!!!! 

#2. Don’t assume maliciousness when ignorance is just as likely. 

#3. Review your conflict resolution strategies.

  • View the other person as important as you are. We are all Islanders.
  • Research your facts.
  • Remain solution oriented, keep the emotions from driving the train.
  • Write it down then gets some sleep.
  • Communicate with your neighbor to share your experience and how it made you feel. Listen to them to understand their experience. Recommend/agree upon a solution. 
  • Utilize Harford County’s free mediation service. 


#4. Avoid unhealthy strategies.

  • Blasting neighbors or topics on social media.
  • Recruiting others to your side of the story. This creates further division making reconciliation harder.  
  • Drowning your sorrows in rum.


#5. Forgive and unfurl your sails. It is hard to move forward in life when you have an anchor of unforgiveness and bitterness weighing you down.

The purpose of the Rumsey Island Community Compost project is to encourage greener stewardship of our environment, to promote neighborhood engagement, and use the compost to promote our beautiful neighborhood. Join us!

What is Composting?  It is the natural process of making nutrient-packed dirt from plant-based waste.

Location: at the entrance to 700 Anchor Dr.

Any plant based kitchen scraps and shredded yard waste (utilize quarterly shred days or contact the volunteers to set up a time to shred your yard waste). See the Rumsey Island Community Compost Facebook page or the physical sign for more details.  Located at the entrance to 700 Anchor Dr.

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