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Rumsey Island Resources

RIRA has compiled resources your neighbors have found helpful over the years. This is not an exhaustive list. 

Emergency and County Services

The Harford County Resource Guide

The Harford County Department of Community Services has created this extensive guide to help citizens access a wealth of services and opportunities provided by county agencies and non-profit organizations. Some topics include…

  • county libraries
  • recreation programs
  • parks
  • senior and children resources
  • school resources
  • crisis services 
  • food pantries
  • clothing closets
  • shelters
  • mediation services

Harford County's You Click We Fix App

Report via online submission or through the App for:

  • pot holes
  • damaged street signs
  • code violations
  • service requests

To report an issue via SmartPhone app:

From iPhone devices visit the iTunes App store and search for Harford County You Click We Fix.

From Android devices visit Google Play App store and search for Harford County You Click We Fix.

Water Quality Testing & Swimming

Remember, The Department of Environmental Health recommends avoiding activities such as swimming, for 2 days after it rains.

See these sites for the latest water testing results. E.Coli levels have been a concern in the recent years. RIRA and Island members have been supporting and working with the River Keeper to track down the source. Email RIRA if you would like to help.

Rumsey Island Community Composting

The purpose of the Rumsey Island Community Compost project is to encourage greener stewardship of our environment, to promote neighborhood engagement, and use the compost to promote our beautiful neighborhood. Join us!

What is Composting?  It is the natural process of making nutrient-packed dirt from plant-based waste.

Location: at the entrance to 700 Anchor Dr.

Plant based scraps are welcome. Please avoid meat/dairy/diseased plants/invasive plants. 

Trouble with a neighbor? Here are some tips!

1. Breathe. Remember you live on an Island, how awesome is that!!!!!!

2. Don’t assume maliciousness when ignorance is just as likely.

3. Review your conflict resolution strategies.

  • View the other person as important as you are. We are all Islanders.
  • Research your facts.
    Remain solution oriented, keep the emotions from driving the train.
  • Write it down then gets some sleep.
  • Communicate with your neighbor to share your experience and how it made you feel. Listen to them to understand their experience.
  • Recommend/agree upon a solution.
  • Utilize Harford County’s free mediation service.


4. Avoid unhealthy strategies.

  • Blasting neighbors or topics on social media.
  • Recruiting others to your side of the story. This creates further division making reconciliation harder.
  • Drowning your sorrows in rum.

5. Forgive and unfurl your sails. It is hard to move forward in life when you have an anchor of unforgiveness and bitterness weighing you down.

Helpful County Regulations

  • Quiet hours: 11:00 pm – 6:00am. (Harford County Code 193-8)
  • Sidewalks to remain clear – cannot park vehicles impeding sidewalks (code 244-17.1)
  • Park with the direction of traffic
  • Cul-de-sacs requires parallel parking
  • No burning of treated lumber.
  • Rumsey Island Canals are a ‘No Wake Zone’, effective through the channel past Mariner Point Park. Your boat’s wake may require you to be slower than the speed limit of 6mph.
  • ‘Leash Law’. Harford county does not have a leash law, instead they have a Dog at Large Law. Section 64-7. Harford county requires dogs to be under the control of the owner, which may require a leash if the dog is not responsive to their owner’s commands.
  • Pooper-Scooper Laws. Harford County has a poop scoop law. Section 64-22. “…Owner must take immediate steps to eliminate … feces caused by the dog…”

Local Businesses

We love supporting local businesses and you can’t get more than your neighbors!  
Here is a brief list of businesses on our island or local companies run by our neighbors!
This is not an endorsed list, but if you are interested in keeping your business local,
we hope you will benefit from our talented community!!

Kelly’s Hair Design – (410) 838-8085

Island Electric – (410) 679-8963

Broyles HVACR – (667) 228-7015

Tull’s Plumbing & Heating  (410) 538-4635

Captain Jon Miller (docks, pilings, crane…) 443-690-8148


H&H Hauling (trash and junk hauling) (443) 655-2775

Rick Ritter (trash and junk hauling) (443) 502-6369

JB Wachtel (hand crafted wood furniture) (419) 560-8273

Parker, Pallett, Slezak & Russell, LLC   – (Lawyers) tel:4107793590

Get Familiar with the Area!